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Get plugged in with Focal Point around the country! We host regional mixers, conference parties, round table sessions, summits, open houses, and more. Our events are attended by some of the most innovative business and technology leaders in the world, and hosted at some of the trendiest and most memorable venues in the country. Join our invite list below to get special early notification of events in your city!



Our philosophy on events is unique in the industry.

Exclusive attendees. We work with some of the most innovative business leaders in the country. Our mixers are frequently attended by Fortune 100 executives and industry experts.

Exciting venues. From the hippest whiskey bars to the rooftops near Wrigley Field, we make the venues just as memorable as the great conversations.

No bait and switch.  Our mixers are just that - mixers. Food, drinks, and conversation. We don't pass out sales materials, have surprise presentations, or pressure you into anything.



Request a spot on our invite list!

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