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Industry-focused solutions

Executives in all industries are confronting cyber risk.  Each industry, however, faces a unique set of business, technology and compliance challenges.  Focal Point has the industry-focused professionals and proven approaches to mitigate these risks for your organization.

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Defend against breaches and stay out of the headlines by securing your POS systems, maintaining PCI compliance and improving your financial and operational processes.

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Our proactive cyber risk management services enable our healthcare clients to minimize fraud, waste and abuse while complying with HIPAA and Meaningful Use Requirements.

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Financial Services

Secure the technology that your business depends on.  From improving IT controls to enhancing the security of your network, our services secure the future of financial services. 

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Hackers see tech companies as a one-stop shop for all sorts of consumer data.  Protect your business, customers and reputation with a stronger program for managing cyber risk.

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Poorly designed processes and systems can kill profits and derail your company.  We help measure and mitigate risks by improving ERP controls, reducing  fraud and waste, and securing your systems.

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Focal Point works with government organizations at all levels to secure their operations, protect sensitive information and carry the responsibility of public trust with confidence.

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Focal Point works with colleges, universities, and school districts to manage their data risk, improve their cyber defenses, and protect their students and faculty.

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Focal Point works with all types of non-profit organizations, helping them manage their risk and secure their data, allowing them to focus on making a difference.

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