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Local, State, and Federal Government

Because of their vast amounts of sensitive data, agencies at the state, local and federal levels are being targeted by malicious attackers at an alarming rate.  In fact, the public sector saw more confirmed data breaches in 2015 than any other single industry.  Compounding the problem, public sector organizations are working under shrinking budgets and are faced with a host of compliance mandates that complicate their operations.   

Government organizations must be able to carry the burden of public trust with confidence.  They must invest in cyber and data protections and ensure that they are receiving maximum value from all of their IT systems, processes and people.  Proactive government organizations must invest in:

  • Assessments of IT risk, including governance and applications
  • Secure credit card processing systems
  • Secure networks and systems
  • Technical security training
  • Data flow mapping
  • Process improvement projects to maximize efficiency
  • Identity governance and access management

Our Experience and Services

Focal Point’s experts come from a variety of backgrounds, including the public sector.  Our specialists have worked for the US military, national intelligence agencies and state and local governments.  We have brought that experience to serve a variety of government entities, government contractors and federally funded R&D centers.   

We take a strategic approach to tackling government challenges.  Our competitive pricing, combined with proven project management techniques that keep projects on budget, ensures that all clients get the most value out of each dollar spent.  That is why so many government agencies have trusted Focal Point to build or improve their data risk management programs. 

We offer a number of services designed to meet the unique challenges faced by public sector organizations:

Sectors We Serve

Cyber Risk Management for School Districts

School Districts

Cyber Risk Management for State Offices

State Offices

Cyber Risk Management for State & Local Governments

State & Local Governments

Cyber Risk Management for Departments of Financial Services

Departments of Financial Services

Cyber Risk Management for Aviation Authorities

Aviation Authorities

Cyber Risk Management for Health Organizations

Health Organizations

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