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Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and distribution companies house massive databases of product, client, business and distribution information on various systems. Their ability to operate rests entirely on the reliability and security of this data, so these companies must have clean, dependable data they can access quickly without fear of losing it to an outside attacker.   

To remain secure and competitive, manufacturers must invest in: 

  • Optimization of ERP systems 
  • Security of networks and endpoint devices 
  • Efficiency of operational processes 
  • Privacy of customer, vendor, and buyer data 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Big data capabilities 
  • Enterprise risk management and periodic risk assessments 

Our Experience and Services

Focal Point excels at solving the large-scale challenges that often face major manufacturers and distributors.  In fact, Focal Point has worked with some of the largest industrial, consumer goods, and automotive manufacturers in the world.  We work to mitigate the technological, operational, and financial risks that can lead to data loss, reputation damage or financial penalties for manufacturers. 

Because of the important role that ERP systems play in companies with diverse supply chains and complex distribution processes, Focal Point frequently supports its manufacturing clients with SAP and Oracle integration and security services.  These clients, many of which are among the largest manufacturers in the country, trust Focal Point to optimize their ERP systems because of our depth of experience and track record of high-value results. 

In addition to ERP support, Focal Point frequently supports manufacturing clients with the following services: 

Sectors We Serve

Cyber Risk Management for the Automobile Parts Industry

Automobile Parts

Cyber Risk Management for the Chemical Products Industry

Chemical Products

Cyber Risk Management for the Door & Home Fixtures Industry

Door & Home Fixtures

Cyber Risk Management for the Electronic Components Industry

Electronic Components

Cyber Risk Management for The Clothing Industry

Food Distribution

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