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Non-profit organizations widely vary in structure and purpose, but they are all tasked with the common challenge of furthering their missions and benefiting their respective communities. Depending on the organization, non-profits can have access to tremendous amounts of data, including electronic patient information, financial and cardholder data, and personally identifiable member and volunteer information.

With so many risks on the table and such little margin for error, non-profits need to find innovative ways to secure their data and protect their assets. At a minimum, non-profits need to be focused on:

  • Employee, patient, and/or member privacy
  • Regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Secure credit card processing systems
  • Network and endpoint security
  • IT risk, including assessments of applications and governance
  • Enterprise risk management and periodic risk assessments
  • Financial reporting
  • Process improvement initiatives to maximize efficiency

Our 501(c)(3) Experience

Focal Point’s experts come from a diverse background of industries, both non-profit and for-profit, who have worked with non-profit groups both large and small. Our teams bring expansive knowledge of regulatory challenges that non-profits most commonly face, as well as IT, financial, and organizational best practices. We can help your organization meet its complex compliance challenges, all while securing your organization’s data and improving its operating effectiveness.

Focal Point is a trusted partner for various non-profit groups, performing a wide range of risk management and cyber security services that allow them to focus on making a difference. We offer a number of services to help these organizations address their risk management challenges, including:

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