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Cyber Balance Sheet

Beyond Security Theater

Cyber Balance SheetCyber Balance Sheet is an innovative thought leadership initiative, led and sponsored by Focal Point.  Through an annual series of exclusive events and cutting-edge reports, Cyber Balance Sheet aims to tackle a persistent and significant problem: the communications gulf between members of boards of directors and the CISOs and cyber security experts who they interact with.

The thesis of Cyber Balance Sheet is simple - the information that boards want and need to make strategic business decisions is an entirely separate set of information from that which is provided by their internal security teams.  Bridging this gap, though, remains an unresovled problem.  Cutting through the "security theater" and uncovering the true business impact of security threats has become the mission of Cyber Balance Sheet.

Cyber Balance Sheet Report

The Cyber Balance Sheet Report is a one-of-a-kind report that examines the year's biggest security issues through dueling lenses: that of the boardroom, and that of the CISO.  Through interviews with board members from dozens of the top companies in the world, and complementary interviews with leading CISOs and security experts, the Cyber Balance Sheet Report exposes the rift that keeps these two worlds apart.

The 2018 Cyber Balance Sheet Report was published on October 30, 2018.  Click below to download your copy.

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The Cyber Balance Sheet Report is researched and written by Wade Baker and the Cyentia Institute, in coordination with Focal Point.

The Cyber Balance Sheet Summit

The Cyber Balance Sheet Summit is an invite-only, board-level event aimed at tackling the challenges board members face in addressing cyber risk. The event brings together the top cyber researchers, investors, regulators and legal experts to provide comprehensive cyber security guidance and actionable insight for members of the boardroom.

The Cyber Balance Sheet Summit is a unique opportunity for board members to attend sessions focused on topics like board liability for breaches, regulatory changes, cyber insurance, and post-breach responses. The educational sessions are designed to immerse the board-level attendees in the proactive strategies they can take to strengthen cyber security processes within their organizations. Each year, The Summit features an impressive lineup of panelists, including board members, policy makers, regulators, cyber specialists and researchers. 

There is no cost to register or attend the Summit, but attendance is limited to current and past board members, investors and select corporate executives.  Interested parties may request an invitation below (please note, attendance is not guaranteed and is subject to approval).

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