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Introduction to Cyber Security

The world has continued to watch as cyber breaches and attacks have impacted individuals, corporations, governments, elections and more.  Internet monitoring services report millions of detected intrusion attempts daily – and that’s only the events they catch!  There is no question that cyber security is a necessity and an increasing global concern. The challenge is where to start the daunting task of securing your infrastructure, training your end users, and preparing your organization to face the year ahead.

Introduction to Cyber Security is the foundational training for all users in management, IT, end-user, or programmer. Equip your team with a firm grounding in the threats we all face and the skills to address them with information culminated from the most trusted sources: CERT, NIST, DHS and others. This course presents an objective overview of our current environment as well as a vision of the near future of cyber security. 

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Attending students will learn

  • Recognize cyber security as a business issue, not just an IT issue
  • Distinguish between different types of cyber threats and keep themselves up to date with emerging threats
  • Determine levels of cyber risk within their organization
  • Identify strategic and high-level tactical steps to improve organizational security posture
  • Explain the key components of identity and access management
  • Describe the types and uses of cryptography in computer systems and networks
  • Define the components of an incident response capability

Who should attend

  • IT professionals preparing to move into a security role, or incorporate a security function into their existing role
  • Non-technical personnel seeking a grounding in core cyber security concepts
  • Management who want to implement security best practice in their business line


  • There are no prerequisites; however, a basic understanding of computer and network terminology is recommended


  • Self-paced online learning
  • Requires HTML5-capable browser - No plugins or extensions needed
  • Includes lab exercises and activities
  • Approximately 3 days total length

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