CISO Advisory


Cyber Strategy Assessment

Gain a 360˚ view of your current cybersecurity posture and a comprehensive, actionable plan to improve it.

Cyber Workforce Development Programs

With a growing workforce shortage, finding cyber talent is a challenge for security leaders. Instead of hiring your way out of the problem, build a program that develops new skills and elevates new people.

Plan Development


Executive Cyber Training

A one-day, seminar-style program that covers the cyber fundamentals you need to operate your business securely, embrace disruption safely, and effectively communicate cyber risks within your organization.

Featured Learning Tracks

Focal Point Academy is on a mission to build better, more agile cybersecurity teams – teams that have the skills to identify threats in real time, to reverse engineer attacks, and to prevent future attacks.


The hospitality, leisure, and travel industries are growing, but so are their data challenges. Focal Point helps hospitality companies protect this sensitive data, improve guest experiences, and meet compliance requirements.

Understanding Red Team and Purple Team Assessments

Red team and purple team assessments are the ultimate test for your security defenses. This guide breaks down these new assessment types and helps you...

Identifying a New Cloud-Based IAM Solution for a Global Retailer

A global retail company, owned by one of the most recognizable names in fashion, approached Focal Point in the Fall of 2016 to assess its current Identity and Access Management (IAM) program.
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