Upgrading to S/4 HANA with a Security and Compliance Focus

Learn the most important security, compliance, and GRC considerations BEFORE making the upgrade to SAP S/4 HANA

An Internal Auditor’s Guide to Data Privacy

Practical strategies for addressing privacy risk designed for internal audit teams
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Focal Point Academy Brings Elite Cyber Training to Remote Workforces

Focal Point Academy's most popular cybersecurity training courses are now available for virtual delivery via fully remote, live instruction, providing more interactivity and time spent in hands-on labs.

7 Tips for Securing Your Privacy on Video Conferencing Platforms

Note: In late May, Zoom released version 5.0 of its videoconferencing platform, which addresses a number of security and privacy concerns. A list of these updates can be found here: The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted the movement of millions of people, and many companies have transitioned to remote workforces, schools have moved to virtual learning, and restaurants and stores have switched to delivery. These events are driving the demand for video conferencing, online collaboration, and chat systems to carry out business. One web conferencing platform that has recently exploded in popularity is Zoom, which provides a free video calling experience. In just a few short months, Zoom grew by 2000%, supporting over 200 million users. Unprepared for the surge and catapulted into the limelight, Zoom has been highly criticized over its inadequate privacy and security practices, particularly on its free version, which have revealed unprotected user account data, in-app surveillance measures, the selling of user data, video hijacking, incomplete end-to-end encryption, and a misleading privacy policy. While Zoom has taken responsibility for its flaws and is trying to retroactively correct these issues, there are additional steps that you should take to protect your privacy and ensure your meetings are safe from intruders, regardless of whether you’re using Zoom or another video conferencing tool.

Protecting Your Office Away from the Office

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You Rolled Out VPN and MFA: Now What?

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SecOps Under Crisis

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Focal Point Academy: Tech Specs

Tech Specs for a Focal Point Academy course are straightforward and simple, but we recommend confirming you have the appropriate…

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