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Python for Network Defenders

This course was created for novice programmers or those new to Python and designed for a very hands-on instructional experience. You will learn the foundations of Python, including modules, classes, functions, object types, numeric types, strings, lists and dictionaries, statements, and more. The objective of this course is to equip you with skills you can immediately leverage to build powerful Python scripts. This course is a great starting point for network security analysts seeking to learn how to automate traffic analysis.

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Attending students will learn

  • Python Object Types
  • Numeric Types
  • Strings
  • Lists and Dictionaries
  • Python Statements
  • Assignments, Expressions, and Prints
  • IF Tests and Syntax Rules
  • Repetition Statements
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • Classes
  • System and Web Automation

Who should attend

  • „Network Security Analysts
  • „Reverse Engineers
  • „Forensic Analysts
  • „Application Programmers


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