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Understanding Operating Systems

Understanding Operating Systems is a foundational course that exposes students to the underpinnings of modern desktop operating systems and the components that are most vulnerable to attack. It covers the principles of process, memory, and I/O management that drive all modern operating systems and includes hands-on labs to discover how they are implemented in Microsoft Windows and Linux. After attending this course, you will be able to describe how the components of operating systems work and interact, use built-in tools to analyze these components, and have an excellent foundation for courses in malware analysis, intrusion analysis, and penetration testing.

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Attending students will learn

  • User and Group Credentials and Security
  • File, Memory and Process/Daemon Management
  • Networking Management
  • Command Shell Tools and Techniques
  • Processor Fundamentals and Sharing
  • Windows API, Windows Registry, and Dynamically Linked Libraries

Who should attend

  • Help Desk Personnel
  • Incident Response Team Members
  • Network Security Professionals
  • Forensic Analysts


This is an introductory course ideal for those seeking a career in malware analysis, incident response or pen testing.

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