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Cyber Security Workforce Development

Build a sustainable, world-class security team for your company

A lack of skilled, in-house resources is one of the biggest challenges facing many CISOs. It's a problem that's fueled by today's shortage of cyber security resources and compounded by staggering employee turnover rates, wage inflation, and skyrocketing industry demand.

But a sustainable cyber security team is not out of reach.

Focal Point Academy has built a unique model for defining, evaluating, building, and validating cyber security teams that deliver immediate security improvements and long-term workforce resiliency. World-class security teams, including many from the Fortune 500 and U.S. Department of Defense, choose to work with Focal Point because we deliver tailored programs that scale with the organization, drive measurable improvement, and keep employees engaged and committed to your company. 

A New Model for Workforce Development

A proper workforce development program is about more than just security - it's about building career pathways for your employees, reducing dependence on costly talent acquisition strategies, and unlocking the potential of your team.

But it starts by assessing what you have and what you need. Leveraging frameworks like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, we evaluate the current composition of your team and the skills of each resource, and then benchmark your team skills against comparable, leading organizations.

Workforce Development Framework

With the assessment complete, we will work with you to build a plan for skills enablement across your team. Your workforce development plan will include everything you need to build a cycle of improvement and validation, including training recommendations for each position, career pathways for each position, and future hiring considerations and timelines. Read our virtual, interactive white paper to learn more.

Future-Proofing your cyber security team

Without a workforce development plan in place, you’ll be lucky to see a return of pennies on the dollar for your training investments. A workforce development program keeps training relevant, focused, and engaging. It also allows you to:

Secure your organization. A workforce development program is the most effective way to fill your gaps and reduce unnecessary risk exposure, stop breaches, and respond to threats.

Reduce costs. The cost of recruiting and hiring cyber security professionals can be astronomical. A workforce development program creates an internal talent pipeline capable of filling entry-level, senior, and management roles without the high upfront recruiting and on-boarding costs.

Improve employee retention. Over a quarter of security professionals believe a lack of a clear career path has contributed to the cyber workforce shortage. A well-structured development program gives your cyber talent a path to success within your organization.

Validate your team. A good workforce development program will test your team’s ability to function as a unit, not just as individuals. We build assessment exercises that require your team to solve problems together, validating their readiness to respond to real-world threats and incidents.

Start Building Your Team Today

Ready to start? Still trying to determine whether workforce development is right for you? Focal Point offers security and IT leaders free, no-risk consultations with our workforce development experts. Complete the short form below, and we'll be in touch.


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