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Crown Jewels Assessment

As organizations create, manage, and share more and more data with each passing day, they are losing the ability to clearly identify, prioritize, and map their most important data assets - their crown jewels. This lack of visibility exposes crown jewels data to high levels of risk and leads to misaligned executive priorities and security spending.

To protect their crown jewels from the evolving threats we face everyday, organizations need to break the cycle of standard compliance audits and put the focus back on the risks to their most important data. The Focal Point Crown Jewels Assessment helps companies identify their crown jewels, gain visibility into the flow of this data, and see the risks that threaten their security.

A Different Kind of assessment

The Crown Jewels Assessment gives you the context you need to understand the risks to your most critical data assets. At first glance, this assessment may seem similar to other risk assessments, but the Crown Jewels Assessment puts your most important data at the center, not controls or compliance requirements. Uninhibited by departmental siloes or individual systems, the assessment delivers an enterprise-wide look at your crown jewels, eliminating data blindspots so you can strengthen your cyber resiliency and reduce the impact of a breach.

a new vantage point

The Focal Point Crown Jewels Assessment culminates in a single report that speaks to both your executive team and your technical IT and security professionals. The deliverable includes a risk profile based on industry-recognized security standards for each critical asset type as well as dashboards for an executive audience. The outcomes of this assessment enable you to see your risk landscape from a new perspective: 

  • A better understanding of your most important data assets and the risks they face 
  • A complete mapping of your data flow to actual assets, which eliminates data blindspots
  • The ability to prioritize spending on the most important security, privacy, and operational risks
  • Actionable insights that can reduce the impact of breaches and strengthen cyber resiliency
  • The insights you need to baseline for your data security program
  • A repeatable, tech-enabled methodology to measure your progress over time
  • Improved communication and understanding between executives and security 
  • Alignment between executives and security on objectives and spending for the most critical security initiatives


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