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Web and Mobile Application Assessment

MAN TYPING AND HOLDING PHONEA company website or mobile application is often your customers’ preferred method for interacting with your company and sometimes, it may be the only way they do. These applications are a preferred target of many malicious attackers because they can provide access to confidential customer information as well as the means to harm a company’s reputation.

Focal Point's application security reviews use both comprehensive automated analysis and targeted manual testing techniques to detect common vulnerabilities like input injection, improper session management and other categories within the current OWASP Top Ten vulnerability rankings. Following the review, we provide detailed descriptions of discovered vulnerabilities, proof-of-concept demonstrations and the needed remediation efforts to address these vulnerabilities.

The Benefits of a Web or Mobile Application Assessment

By engaging Focal Point to assess your web or mobile applications, you are building a first line of defense in protecting your company’s reputation and providing your customers with the peace of mind that their payment card and personal information is safe. A mobile or web application review with Focal Point offers the following benefits:

  • Provides secure, trusted channels for customer interaction
  • Protects client interfaces from malicious attackers
  • Validates your security requirements against industry best practices
  • Meets compliance mandates, such as the PCI DSS
  • Provides a prioritized roadmap to remediating any vulnerabilities within the application


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