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Wireless Security Assessment

Man on computer at deskWireless networks are a high value target for hackers and other malicious actors.  For many organizations, wireless networks are also a weak link in the overall security ecosystem. To protect your organization from a wireless network breach our team emulates the methods a hacker would use to break your encryption key, test your authentication technology, detect rogue access points and identify unauthorized access techniques.

During a wireless security assessment, our team uses a hybrid approach of automated testing, manual validation and penetration testing.  Our typical assessment includes:

  • War walking. Our team begins the wireless network assessment by identifying and mapping authorized and rogue WLAN access points and devices.
  • Wireless traffic analysis. We analyze wireless traffic to monitor compliance with your wireless policies around encryption, SSIDs and other factors.
  • Vulnerability testing. If possible, we use credentials supplied by the target to perform vulnerability testing and map the architecture behind the WLAN. 
  • Penetration testing.  We then use penetration testing to exploit any identified vulnerabilities, perform dissociation attacks and test other exploits.
  • Reporting.  Following testing, we provide a post-assessment report that details all discovered vulnerabilities and provides a roadmap to remediation. 

The Benefits of a Wireless Security Assessment

A wireless security assessment gives your organization a direct look into the current state of your wireless implementation, wireless assets, configuration standards and vulnerabilities. In addition, a wireless security assessment with Focal Point offers the following benefits.

  • Mitigates network security risks by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in the network
  • Validates your security requirements against industry best practices
  • Prevents disruption to business operations as a result of a down network following a breach
  • Reduces cost and improves longevity of network security infrastructure through regular assessments and improvements


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