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Red Team & Purple Team Assessments

It's difficult to know how strong your cybersecurity program is until it is faced with a persistent threat. Red team and purple team assessments are designed to test your people, processes, and technologies to see how they detect and respond to malicious attacks, helping you identify your program's strengths and critical weaknesses as well as opportunities for improvement. 

Purple Team Assessments

A purple team assessment lets you simultaneously evaluate and improve your team's cybersecurity capabilities. During this assessment, your blue team (the defenders) work alongside our red team (the attackers) as they execute attack simulations. Together, this joint purple team can demonstrate how well your team, technologies, and processes can protect your organization from an attack and help you strengthen your defenses along the way.

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Red Team Assessments

Think of a purple team assessment as the homework that prepares your team for the ultimate test: a red team assessment. During a red team assessment, our team simulates a multi-vector, persistent attack against your organization, giving the blue team practical experience combatting a real-world cyberattack. Our red team assessments focus on specific areas of your attack surface over a prolonged period of time, providing you with an accurate picture of your ability to protect critical assets from attack.

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