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Predictive Analytics

predictive analyticsPredictive analytics looks for relationships among elements of a dataset to determine if one element or set of elements can predict, within certain limits, the values of another element. R is an open-source statistical tool that is equivalent in power and functionality to SAS and has become one of the most common tools used to perform predictive analytics. R was commonly used at academic institutions, banks, hedge funds and research labs around the world and is now often a tool for many forward-thinking businesses. Models built with R by an experienced practitioner can describe the strength of relationships within a dataset and the predictive value of the data.

Using R, Focal Point's analytics experts can assist with the interpretation and evaluation of relationships within your datasets. Specifically, our professionals can:

  • Look for trends and patterns within datasets – scatterplot and regression.
  • Evaluate relationships between data elements.  For example, our experts can analyze threads between data sets from disparate business elements to determine where predictive correlations may occur and which criteria are most relevant for predicting outcomes.


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