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GRC Integration

Even after implementing a GRC solution, many organizations struggle to gain the full value from their investment. Some organizations fail to recognize the potential efficiencies and capabilities in their GRC solution, while others lack the support to implement the enhanced functionality. Perhaps even more common, companies integrate pieces of the GRC solution yet continue many of the same manual processes, not taking advantage of the process automation and integration functions delivered as part of the GRC suite.

Having worked with organizations struggling with all of these challenges, Focal Point's ERP Advisory professionals have the real-world experience to ensure that your organization is generating the full value from your GRC solution.  Our experts help companies select, integrate and optimize GRC solutions.  We also help design holistic GRC programs that meet the needs of your business, IT and compliance teams, while reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Our GRC Services

The Focal Point team specializes in GRC solutions that integrate with SAP and Oracle systems. We frequently assist organizations with a range of GRC services, including:

  • GRC system evaluation and selection
  • Deploying GRC functionality
  • GRC assessment (targeting risks and opportunities for enhancement)
  • Integration of GRC implementation with other ERP or business initiatives

Our approach and methodology follows industry best practices, as well as those processes recommended by leading ERP systems. We adhere to the configuration/implementation guides, deploy standard industry content and integrate processes to the business’s expectations. Our approach to implementing and optimizing a GRC solution is as follows:

  • Evaluate organizational needs for SoD monitoring, emergency access, role management, provisioning, and recertification
  • Evaluate proposed GRC solutions
  • Gather requirements
  • Execute build and testing of the GRC solution
  • Provide training and knowledge transfer
  • Deploy GRC functionality to the production environments


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