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Pre-Implementation Audit

Managing an ERP system implementation that integrates people, processes and technologies from across an enterprise is a complex and daunting task. Because of that complexity, ERP Implementations often run over budget and behind schedule. Poorly implemented systems often fare much worse, as they fail to satisfy business objectives and compliance mandates.

There is little room for error during the critical implementation phase. A pre-implementation audit addresses these challenges up-front, providing an organization with comfort that the project will meet desired outcomes before the system is implemented.  An ERP pre-implementation audit targets the following risks:

  • Control Risks: Will the controls address financial reporting, operational and regulatory requirements in an efficient and effective manner?
  • Project Risks: Will the solution be delivered on time, on budget, and to specifications?
  • Business Risks: Have expected business benefits been clearly defined and communicated?

Focal Point's ERP Advisory professionals offer pre-implementation reviews for all major ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle.  We also offer similar post-implementation audits following a system deployment.

Our Approach to Pre-Implementation Audits

Focal Point's ERP pre-implementation audit methodology reduces the risk of going live without adequate compliance controls configured, incurring project overruns due to unplanned or inadequate scoping, and excessive downstream remediation costs. Specific areas of focus include:

Project Objectives Review – Review initial project objectives and measure against ongoing implementation project.

System Testing Review – Review project testing documentation to ensure that all risk areas are included and have properly passed testing prior to implementation.

Data Validation – Ensure that data has not been lost or corrupted following an implementation, migration or upgrade.

Application Security – Investigate the security controls around the ERP system to ensure that access is appropriate and that there are no SoD conflicts.

Controls Documentation – Identify and document controls to maintain compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.

The Benefits of a Pre-Implementation Review

Ultimately, a pre-implementation review ensures that business and compliance objectives will be met and the ERP system will be deployed successfully.  Other benefits include:   

  • Access to system specialists
  • Practical advice on enhancing processes and controls
  • Proactive advice to minimize project overruns
  • Conclude on the design sufficiency of controls
  • Provisioning of end user access privileges
  • Comfort and confidence in a successful, compliant launch


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