Crown Jewels

As organizations create, manage, and share more and more data, they are losing the ability to identify, prioritize, and map their most important data assets - their crown jewels.
Crown Jewels Assessment

A Different Kind of Assessment

To protect your crown jewels from the evolving threats you face everyday, your organization needs to break the cycle of standard compliance audits and put the focus back on your most important data. The Focal Point Crown Jewels Assessment helps companies identify their crown jewels, gain visibility into the flow of this data, and see the risks that threaten their security. This assessment delivers an enterprise-wide look at your crown jewels, eliminating data blindspots, so you can strengthen your cyber resiliency and reduce the impact of a breach.

Our Approach

Focal Point's Crown Jewels Assessment enables you to see your risk landscape from a new perspective.

Phase 1

Our crown jewels assessment helps you map your critical data throughout its lifecycle and across systems and people, so you can begin to identify hidden areas of risk exposure that may lead to data loss.

  • Map critical data
  • Identify risk exposure
  • Prevent data loss

Phase 2

The crown jewels assessment creates a risk profile for each critical asset type based on the actual use of the data within your organization. For each risk, we provide a recommendation for mitigation.

  • Build risk profiles
  • Based on how you use data
  • Gain mitigation recommendations

Phase 3

Using the results of the assessment, Focal Point can assist in the development of short-term and long-term crown jewels strategies. We develop a roadmap to remediate risks, beginning with those of the highest priority.

  • Short-term strategy
  • Long-term strategy
  • Remediation roadmap

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing cyber risk.

Tailored Deliverables

The results of our assessment are delivered in a single report divided into two sections: one suitable for executives, and another for technical IT and security resources.

Varied Expertise

When performing this assessment, we enlist experts with backgrounds in privacy, cyber, audit, and compliance to ensure our assessment takes into consideration all areas of your business.

Implementation Assistance

Following our assessment and final deliverable, we have experts available to help you implement the recommendations provided in our roadmap and better protect your crown jewels.
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