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SAP Managed Services

Maintaining and administering your SAP Security and GRC programs can be difficult, particularly when specialized SAP support experience is in short supply. Further, adding experienced SAP support specialists to your team is extremely costly and not always feasible with fluctuating maintenance and support demands throughout the year.  We understand that businesses are heavily reliant upon SAP to conduct day-to-day operations, which is why we offer dedicated resources to help businesses keep their SAP systems running smoothly.

Focal Point’s SAP Security/GRC managed support service is aimed at filling internal skills gaps to help businesses handle the peaks and valleys of SAP administration. This service offering grants businesses an affordable support option that helps ensure security and audit-readiness by providing the right dose of specialized resources when needed. This service can be readily tailored to an organization and its industry, the size and scope of the SAP program, and varying levels of need.

SAP Managed Support Areas

Focal Point can provide level 1-3 support in the following areas:

ABAP Security

  • User profile administration and maintenance
  • User group administration
  • Role content change administration
  • Role transports
  • Role testing support (for the business and IT testing resources)
  • Change Control Board representation for security changes
  • Enforce security policies and procedures for user access and role administration


  • Troubleshoot GRC configuration issues
  • Advise on GRC ruleset changes
  • Advise on GRC risk reporting remediation efforts
  • Conduct GRC training for administrators, end-users and audit resources

ITGC Audit Support

  • Automate ITGC related SUIM queries and provide audit documentation for results
  • Advise on remediation efforts for identified audit deficiencies
  • Define GRC Sensitive Access tests to replace repetitive SUIM queries

The Right Team

Focal Point has been providing SAP Security and GRC services for nearly 13 years. Our SAP resources are full-time, US-based employees who can bring reliable and proven expertise to supplement the needs of any SAP team. And, our services are flexible – we provide both full outsourcing and staff augmentation options. 


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