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Skills Training

Focal Point Academy provides technical training courses in week-long immersive sessions that take place in a small class environment of 15-20 students. Our goal is for students to leave with honed, cutting-edge skills they can immediately apply in their daily work. In our comprehensive, lab-intensive courses, students will master not just new tools and tricks, but also a repeatable methodology that they can employ for years to come. Students can expect to be challenged and leave as more skilled and marketable professionals.

We teach only Cyber Security and Cyber Defense curriculums, with all of our courses being at least 70% Hands-on and 30% Lecture. Our courses deliver hands-on experiences, real world exercises, and interactive classroom discussions taught by Cyber Security Experts.

We offer the following courses:

Cyber Security

Introduction to Cyber Security

Certified Chief Information Security Officer

OS Security

Understanding Operating Systems

System Forensics for Incident Responders

Windows System Analysis

Network Threats

Network Traffic Analysis

Python for Network Defenders

Malicious Network Traffic Analysis

Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation


Certified Ethical Hacker v9

Hacking With Python

Windows Vulnerability Discovery and Hardening

Hacker Methodologies for Security Professionals

Advanced Hacker Methodologies for Security Professionals

Malware Analysis

Behavioral Malware Analysis

Assembly For Reverse Engineers

Malware Reverse Engineering

Advanced Malware Analysis


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