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Every time we forge a new partnership with a client and engage with them on a project, we remain receptive to our client’s needs and requirements, even as they extend beyond the native capabilities of the technology that is being implemented.

As we have learned through our experiences working with many customers, business drivers change rapidly as organizations quickly expand to accommodate mergers and acquisitions, contend with regulatory demands and new compliance legislation, and react to the evolution and sophistication of customer and end user expectations.

To contend with these business requirements, Focal Point has developed several strategic software solutions that integrate with and complement Oracle’s Identity and Access Management Suite:

EPIC Integrations

Focal Point has developed a set of connectors to integrate both EPIC EMP & SER accounts with the leading Identity Governance platforms. The EPIC EMP & SER connectors allow for the automated provisioning & de-provisioning of the EMP & SER records through the Identity Governance platform, as well as real-time reconciliation capabilities.

Identity Matching

Many organizations have to contend with identities that exist in more than one authoritative or “trusted” source of data, and have no means of establishing a common, unique identifier for each user that exists across each of these trusted sources. With the lack of a unique identifier, duplicate resource accounts are often created in the same target resource or system. Finding a way to easily and accurately map each identity account back to the appropriate user is extremely challenging and almost impossible to achieve through manual processes.

To resolve this problem, we created an Identity Matching Algorithm solution to match the identity of a single record between disparate identity sources. The Identity Matching Algorithm solution uses various industry standard matching algorithms such as: Levenshteins Distance, Meta-Phone Phonetic, Address Normalization, and Alias-Based Custom Search to validate matches against various name and demographic attributes before determining a potential match based on pre-determined threshold values. The Identity Matching solution was also developed with a user-friendly web interface that integrates with Oracle Identity Manager to either merge an identity with another, or create a new identity within Oracle Identity Manager.

Mobile Sponsored Account System

The process to grant non-employee workers access to systems is a growing challenge across all organizations. IT and HR departments are challenged with how to handle these large populations of non-payroll users within an organization. The Mobile Sponsored Account System delivers real-time automated provisioning capabilities for people with non-employment association within your organization.

Mobile Account Claiming

Account creation and setup is typically a time-consuming, labor-intensive effort for both the end user and the organization. In an effort to streamline and simplify this process, we designed an automated Account Claiming solution that provides our customers with a one-time, UI-driven account setup process for end users. All user types affiliated with the organization have immediate, convenient access to Oracle Identity Manager integrated systems through a web-based UI that can be accessed from any device with a browser, including rendering on all mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Microsoft).

Mobile Account Claiming allows users to claim their identity from any device and securely setup their accounts within the organization. We also designed the Mobile Account Claiming functionality to be highly flexible, with the ability to incorporate our customer’s policies or other preregistration criteria acceptance prior to kicking off an account claiming process.



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