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Identity Matching

Many organizations have to contend with identities that exist in more than one authoritative or “trusted” source of data, and have no means of establishing a common, unique identifier for each user that exists across each of these trusted sources. With the lack of a unique identifier, duplicate resource accounts are often created in the same target resource or system. Finding a way to easily and accurately map each identity account back to the appropriate user is extremely challenging and almost impossible to achieve through manual processes.

To resolve this problem, we created an Identity Matching Algorithm solution to match the identity of a single record between disparate identity sources. The Identity Matching Algorithm solution uses various industry standard matching algorithms such as: Levenshteins Distance, Meta-Phone Phonetic, Address Normalization, and Alias-Based Custom Search to validate matches against various name and demographic attributes before determining a potential match based on pre-determined threshold values. The Identity Matching solution was also developed with a user-friendly web interface that integrates with Oracle Identity Manager to either merge an identity with another, or create a new identity within Oracle Identity Manager.

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