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Oracle Directory Services

Focal Point has been working with Oracle’s Directory Services solutions for over a decade, deploying and integrating Oracle Unified Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, and Oracle Virtual Directory into a common security platform. We have experience integrating Oracle Virtual Directory with a variety of LDAP directories and data stores, such as: Active Directory, ADLDS, Oracle Unified Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, OpenLDAP, Sun LDAP/Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, Oracle DB, SQL, MS-SQL, MySQL, Tivoli Directory Server, and Novell eDirectory to provide customers with a consolidated, normalized view of user identities across the enterprise.

We have worked on numerous engagements integrating multiple Oracle Directory Services components with other products in the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite, including Oracle Identity Manager, Access Manager, Identity Federation, Identity Analytics, Adaptive Access Manager, and Entitlements Server. Our integration services extend into various application configurations as well, like Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, PeopleSoft HR, SAP, Kofax Markview, and many others.

Focal Point is experienced in delivering Directory services projects for a variety of reasons, and is familiar with the common business drivers that propel these projects forward, such as:

  • Ongoing custom application development that the use of new, dedicated user identity repositories outside of corporate LDAPs like Active Directory, where additional schema extensions are not ideal or acceptable to the organization.
  • Distinct user communities that require their own, dedicated user identity repositories to retain crucial divisions within the same company (eg: intranet versus extranet users).
  • Mergers and acquisitions that decentralize the directory environment and create a need for a common interface that will develop a unified view of user identities across the enterprise.

In addition to more tactical Oracle Directory Services implementation projects, we have engaged clients in many strategic directory-based projects, including overall directory consolidation and directory synchronization efforts.

To learn more about our first-hand experience deploying Oracle Directory Services solutions successfully into production, and to give us an opportunity to recommend an Oracle Directory Services implementation scope that makes sense for your organization, please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

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