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Sun IAM Migration Support

Focal Point has been working with Sun’s Identity and Access Management solutions since their inception as Waveset Lighthouse, Sun Access Manager and OpenSSO. Our first-hand experience deploying the Sun solutions along with our experience with today’s leading Identity & Access Management technologies puts us in a unique position to help our customers evaluate their current Sun deployments and help them build a migration strategy that poses the least impact to your end users and consumers.

We have worked with many of our existing clients to establish a phased migration plan and cut-over strategy that makes sense for their particular organization, incorporating new functionality at the onset to provide immediate, near-term value to infrastructure changes that frequently get categorized as standard operational “upgrade” projects with no visible ROI. By instantiating new services for end users, with a focus on mobility, flexibility and ease-of-use, we provide the means for these migration projects to carry meaningful and tangible business value - value that we can help you articulate as part of your formal budgetary approval process.

A full evaluation of your legacy Sun platform will clearly identify what components will pose the most significant business process changes or technical re-work, and what components can be easily transitioned over. This will depend heavily on what version of Sun you’re running, what customizations have been done to your existing deployment, and what your new Identity & Access Management technology solution can provide. Our evaluation is unique for every one of our clients and provides the well-planned and thoughtful execution of an updated, modernized, and future-facing IAM platform.

To learn more about our Sun IAM Migration Services, please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

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