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Identity Governance

The one-size-fits-all approach to identity governance is dead. Companies are no longer looking to implement large-scale, on-premises solutions to cover all their complex identity, access, and provisioning needs.

Instead, many companies now take a cloud-first approach, opting to implement multiple solutions to that cover different functions (i.e., one solution for SSO, another for PAM, etc.), rather than having a bulky, expensive on-premises solution that burdens IT resources. This new approach to identity governance has created a need for cloud-first implementers like Focal Point who understand how these systems work together, and are able to implement and support complex cloud ecosystems.

Leaders in Identity Governance

Focal Point delivers every one of our services using a proven process and a comprehensive four-phase methodology.  We call this approach SPECTRUM as each phase represents a continuous sequence of activities in the project lifecycle.  The methodology is also iterative, allowing us to circle back through the phases as necessary to support complex multi-year engagements that are delivered in stages of manageable scope.  And throughout, our delivery organization provides project management and knowledge transfer to tie it all together.

What We Do

Focal Point offers implementation and managed services for market-leading identity governance, access management, and provisioning solutions. We specialize in helping companies transition away from legacy on-prem solutions to cloud-based and hybrid technologies that are positioned for the future.

Overview of Focal Point Identity Governance Services

Identity Governance Maturity audits

Building off of our years of expertise in the identity governance space, we’ve created an audit program to assess organizations’ identity governance programs. Our maturity audit, called a ForceID Audit, measures your program against the security frameworks that your business already relies on, including ISACA’s IT Assurance Framework, COBIT 5.0, and the NIST standards. By objectively measuring your current identity process and procedures against best practices, your organization can obtain the actionable results needed to improve your processes’ efficiency and effectiveness.


Focal Point makes challenging implementations simple. We implement your chosen solution, integrate it with your other IT and identity systems, and support you through launch and beyond. We implement and configure your solution right the first time, which reduces the need for rework after launch, lowers the total cost of ownership, and ensures that your data and your people are secure from Day One.

Managed Services

Day-to-day management and troubleshooting of an identity governance program can strain your limited IT resources. Regular maintenance, updates, and support tickets for the solution tie up your IT department and distract from your other priorities. To alleviate this, we take on the burden of the ongoing management of your identity governance platforms. By outsourcing these tasks, you can maximize system uptime, reduce total costs, and simplify support and maintenance processes. We deliver these services using only on-shore employees with expertise specific to your environment.


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