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Oracle Database Security

As data security breaches are becoming more of a daily occurrence at Corporations, Universities and Government Agencies globally, it is crucial for organizations to have up-to-date security programs that include policies and tools to protect their systems and, more importantly, the private and confidential data that these systems house. A lackluster IT Data Security program exposes sensitive data to unauthorized parties and lessens the privacy and financial security of individuals. As a result, over thirty states have passed laws that require residents to be notified when their “personal information” is compromised. The new security breach notification law (the “Notification Law”) applies to governmental agencies and to individuals and entities that conduct business in a protected state (each a “Covered Entity”). After the effective date of the Notification Law, a Covered Entity will be required to notify any resident whose personal information was acquired, or is reasonably believed to have been acquired, through a “breach of the security of a system” of a Covered Entity’s computerized database.

To answer this growing problem, Focal Point Force developed a strategic approach to provide database security and privacy solutions to mitigate risk against data security breaches. Focal Point Force enables organizations to define their data security programs and implement technology solutions to protect the sensitive data stored in applications and databases.

Focal Point Force will work with your organization to develop a comprehensive program, including services that define security policies and those that facilitate the design and implementation of technology solutions that secure data at rest and/or in its archived state.

To learn more about our Data Security Program Offerings, please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

Advisory Services Highlights

The Security Assessment will be tailored to an organization’s needs and includes: IT Governance, Enforcement of System Security, Ensuring Continuous Service, Managing Data, Assessing and Managing IT Risk, and Overall Configuration Management.

Focal Point Force will help define and develop a data security roadmap and the key policies and procedures for securing sensitive data.

  • Development of data security roadmap based on clients requirements for securing data across applications and databases.
  • Development of database access rights model to define database access and roles across the organization
  • Development of PII policies and procedures to define PII information within the organization and develop policies to protect PII data stored within applications and databases
  • The deliverable provides the customer with a multi-year Security Roadmap that includes:
    • Alignment of business requirements with security objectives
    • A Solution approach (people, process, technology)
    • Key security controls to implement
    • Metrics and reporting that is of relative value to the specific customer
    • Implementation considerations
    • Required resources to implement and support
    • Proposed budget to implement

Implementation Services Highlights

Focal Point Force will help implement the Oracle Database security solutions across selected databases and applications based on the client requirements, policies and procedures for securing sensitive data.

  • Implementation of Oracle Advanced Security Option for Transparent Data Encryption and Redaction within Oracle databases along with encryption key lifecycle management that includes key rotation
  • Implementation of Oracle Key Vault for protecting and centrally managing encryption keys for full data lifecycle throughout distributed and heterogeneous environments, including Oracle Wallets, Java Keystores and credential files.
  • Implementation of Oracle Database Vault for protection of application data from being accessed from privileged database users, enforcing operational controls inside the database, sealing highly sensitive application objects during maintenance periods, and increasing security controls for cloud environments
  • Implementation of Oracle Data Masking for irreversibly replacing the original sensitive data with fictitious yet realistic data so that production data can be shared safely for non-production use for Oracle and Non-Oracle databases.
  • Implementation of Oracle Audit Vault & Database Firewall that transparently blocks unauthorized SQL traffic before it reaches the database, provides a complete view of Oracle and non-Oracle database activity, and consolidates audit data for monitoring databases, operating systems, and directories.

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