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Supercharge your SOC

Many organizations feel like their cybersecurity operations aren’t as effective as they should be. The truth is that most SOCs face significant challenges that inhibit their ability to support their organizations. Talent shortages, alert overload, lack of investment, and poorly managed expectations plague them. Focal Point’s experts, led by industry leader Gary McIntyre (who literally wrote the book on SOCs), help security leaders address these challenges and build stronger, smarter capabilities.

Our Services

From strategy to design to operations, our SOC experts are here to help you build a best-in-class SOC program.

SOC Assessments

Focal Point can assess or benchmark your SOC. In a benchmark, we use your own strategy and measure progress against your goals. In an assessment, we evaluate your SOC against industry peers and standards. As part of these evaluations, we can provide team testing exercises and skills assessments.

01 State of the SOC
02 Key Issues and Risks
03 Actionable Roadmaps

SOC Strategy

Focal Point works with you to develop and improve your overall SOC strategy. This includes discussions with key stakeholders, strategy workshops, SOC service assessments, strategy rollouts, and engagement planning.

01 Stakeholder Analysis
02 Strategy Workshops
03 Strategy Engagement

SOC Design

Our team of experts can help improve or enhance the design of every element of your SOC program - from services to delivery to technology. Our team leverages industry standards and decades of experience to build the best design for your organization.

01 Service Design
02 Technology Design
03 Delivery Design

SOC Planning

Whether you're building your SOC from the ground up or enhancing your program, our team can help you build the business case you need to move it forward, plan your program, build RFP and RFI materials, and help you evaluate your options.

01 Project Planning
02 RFP/RFI Materials
03 Improvement Planning

Build and Deployment

Focal Point's SOC experts can manage and support the build and deployment of SOC technology, delivery methods, processes, and facilities. Focal Point Academy can also provide the expert skills training your team needs to advance your SOC capabilities.

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01 Technology Deployment
02 Process Deployment
03 Expert Skills Training

SOC Operations

Beyond strategy and deployment, our SOC team is able to work alongside your team, observing SOC operations, providing support, offering mentorship, and identifying opportunities for automation.

01 Leadership and Mentoring
02 Operations Support
03 Automation

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Different from the Rest

Focal Point is the first firm in the market to address the full lifecycle of SOC enhancement: building a strategy, testing your defenses, and advancing the capabilities of your team.

Test: Use our red and purple team assessments to test every element of your defenses – from your people to processes to technology.

Strategize: Our blue team experts will help you define the technologies, models, frameworks, and skillsets you need to move your SOC forward.

Advance: Our cybersecurity workforce development services enable SOCs to respond faster, defend better, and understand threats more dynamically.

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