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Windows Vulnerability Discovery and Hardening

Windows Vulnerability Discovery and Hardening takes a close look at the common exploitation tactics used by hackers. Our seasoned instructors will walk you through real-world scenarios that explain how attackers use reconnaissance to identify weaknesses, exploit vulnerabilities to gain access, and evade detection to establish persistent footholds. With this as a foundation, the focus will shift to mitigation. In our lab-intensive class environment, you will implement mitigations to harden Windows workstations, servers, and applications against these attack methods. Equipped with the ability to identify and protect against these attacks, you’ll be able to assess a Windows host for vulnerabilities and deftly deploy solutions to effectively hinder an attacker.

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Attending students will learn

  • How intruders analyze, identify and target critical Windows systems
  • How to proactively identify Windows OS and application vulnerabilities
  • Tools and techniques used to attack Windows systems and applications

Who should attend

  • Incident responders who need to understand and react to IDS alerts
  • Network defenders seeking to understand common access methods
  • Security managers who desire to improve their defensive model
  • Security operations center staff seeking to identify signs of compromise
  • New members of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment teams


Although no specific courses are required, students should have some level of experience with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems as well as a basic understanding of TCP/IP networking.

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