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The Next Generation of Risk Management

The Data Risk Problem

The quantity and complexity of enterprise data is increasing exponentially, and the frequency and severity of breaches impacting that critical data have skyrocketed. Organizations across every industry are failing to adequately address their data risk, losing the trust of customers, clients, and shareholders in the process. Exposed customer data, leaked e-mails, mismanaged identity and access privileges, and hefty penalties resulting from noncompliance all stem from poorly managed and misunderstood data risks. These problems, we believe, require a unified approach to solve – one that we’re uniquely positioned to offer.

Our Solution

At Focal Point Data Risk, we help our clients build secure and flexible risk management programs centered around their critical data, providing a comprehensive answer to the risks surrounding malicious cyber threats, data privacy and security challenges, shifting compliance mandates, and complex system implementation initiatives. We bring together a combination of services and expertise that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else in the market, with diverse offerings that span cyber security, data privacy and analytics, identity governance and access management, hands-on security training, ERP advisory, and internal audit services. This combination of capabilities has been deliberately assembled to provide clients with everything they need to secure their business, leverage their data and ensure compliance across the enterprise.

A Unique Approach

We treat data security and other risks as a business problem, not just a security issue. We look at risk across the entire enterprise for a much broader view aligned with clients’ business goals and operations, helping them build a proactive, self-learning culture of risk awareness that allows them to make better decisions and protect their customers, employees, and shareholders. It is for this reason that many of the largest and most respected names in business and government come to Focal Point to shift their risk approach from “finding and fixing” to “thinking and thriving.”

Our Team

With 400 employees and a combined 60+ distinct certifications from top industry groups, and 13 offices across the U.S., Focal Point has the reach and resources to ensure that your business stays secure, compliant, and successful.

Our History

Created in early 2017 as a result of the Sunera, ANRC, and APTEC merger, Focal Point is a company with a new name and deep roots. Sunera, ANRC, and APTEC each had histories stretching back more than a decade, and each was providing solutions to a different part of the data risk puzzle. As a combined company, Focal Point is the most comprehensive, pure-play data risk management provider in the industry – capable of offering end-to-end consulting, implementation, and training services.

A New Vision for Data Risk Management

Focal Point’s approach to data risk management is completely unique. We dig into risk across the organization – from systems and data to people and processes – and we have the resources and expertise to address and mitigate risk wherever it may arise. We believe:

Data risk touches everyone. Every person in an organization plays a role in addressing data risk. Taking a holistic approach – one that involves every business unit – is the only way to fully protect your data, customers, and reputation.

Risk management should be holistic. Risk is a systemic problem, not a departmental problem. A risk assessment should provide a business-level view of the risks facing your organization, enabling executives to make informed and strategic decisions to protect their business.

Think proactive, not reactive. A proactive posture is the first step in driving a cyber-aware corporate culture. Know your worst-case scenarios, and build the security, privacy, and audit infrastructure to respond.

Compliance is a byproduct of effective governance. Good governance reduces risk, drives efficiency and saves money. If you invest in proper governance, compliance becomes simple and straightforward.

Unparalleled focus on data risk management. Focal Point is built on the belief that effective data risk management is paramount for successful businesses in the 21st century. We are wholly committed to this cause.

Quality is our trademark. Your success is our success, and we recognize that delivering solutions of the highest quality will ensure that success. Our clients return year after year because we deliver results that exceed expectations and drive sustainable change.


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