Data Analytics

Use data analytics to build smarter and more efficient processes and unlock the value in massive quantities of untapped data.
Audit Analytics Program

Take Your Program Further

Focal Point brings togther IT and business expertise to effectively identify and implement analytics based on your existing business processes, offering real-world insights on building analytics initiatives that can help drive revenue and increase cost savings. More importantly, our programs give you the tools needed to make a tangible impact on your business – from cutting fraud, waste, and abuse, to simplifying processes, to supply chain optimization and operational excellence.

Our Data Analytics Services

If your company is ready to move beyond one-off analytics projects, Focal Point can provide the thought leadership, technical expertise, and business experience you need to move forward.

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Continuous Controls Monitoring makes your audit team more efficient by reducing recurring and/or redundant tasks and gives you the ability to audit 100% of data populations as opposed to testing a subset through sampling.

01 100% Data Population
02 Fraud Detection
03 Increased Efficiency

Data Visualization

We enable organizations to deliver greater insights from their data with the integration and design of customized dashboards in visual analytics platforms such as Tableau.

01 Better Communication
02 Clear Analysis
03 Better Reporting

Data Migration

Focal Point has supported numerous data migrations from legacy ERP systems to new systems. Data migration is an essential step for any new system implementation or upgrade. We map your existing data to your new system’s format, resulting in higher data quality and eliminating redundant or obsolete information, which allows the new system to run smoothly and effectively.

01 Data Mapping
02 Improved Efficiency
03 Increased Data Quality

Operational Analytics and Forecasting

We assist organizations with identifying trends and patterns in their data that can be used to produce better forecasts. Forecasting analytics initiatives can help your business achieve operational excellence by leveraging the insights buried in your data and enabling better-informed decision-making.

01 Increased Accuracy
02 Operational Improvements
03 Enhanced Decision-Making

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing audit analytics.


We work with every major analytics tool provider on the market, ensuring that our counsel is unbiased and solely focused on finding what best fits your needs.

Script Library

We have amassed a large repository of proven scripts from our decades of experience and have the ability to design custom scripts when needed.

Our Expertise

We integrate IT and business expertise into every analytics project, offering real-world insights that can help drive revenue and increase cost savings.