Cyber Workforce Development

Hiring, training, and retaining skilled cybersecurity employees is one of the top challenges facing security leaders today. A cyber workforce development program is the solution.
The Cyber Workforce Challenge

Solving the Cyber Skills Gap

63% of companies are feeling the impact of the cyber skills shortage. Without the skilled cyber professionals they need, they are at a greater risk of a breach and more likely to receive regulatory fines. Hiring has traditionally been the solution, but there simply are not enough experienced cyber professionals to go around. Our solution? Training up the skilled resources you need – recent grads, IT professionals, junior security resources, and more. See how cyber workforce development can transform your team.

Our Solution

Through cyber workforce development, you can identify the skills you need, advance your team’s skillset, and set each employee on a defined career path that aligns with the organization’s goals.

Assess Your Team

Pinpointing your skills gaps can be a challenge, especially in an ever-changing technology and threat landscape. Focal Point can help you evaluate your skills gaps at the individual and team levels.

  • Skills Assessment
  • Role Definition
  • SOC Baselining

Design Your Program

Your employees need a learning program that is tailored both toward individual goals and team-based performance benchmarks. Focal Point specializes in developing team-wide learning programs.

  • Program Development
  • Career Pathways
  • Education Planning

Train Your Team

At Focal Point, we believe in providing hands-on, lab-intensive training at every level. We offer expert-led courses designed for new cyber professionals, cyber pros, your executive team, and your audit teams.

  • Skills Development
  • Executive Training
  • Auditor Training

Validate Your Team

As part of our workforce development programs, we put your team’s new skills to the test through validation exercises, red and purple team assessments, and social engineering.

  • Team Exercises
  • Red and Purple Team Assessments
  • Social Engineering

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we are passionate about building stronger cybersecurity teams.

Integrated Specialists

Focal Point is an integrated firm, meaning when you engage with us in any capacity, you get instant access to a range of specialists in today’s most in-demand disciplines.

The Power of Doing

We believe in the power of doing, and our courses are designed to reflect this. Lectures are limited, and students spend most of their time building real-world skills in our lab environments.

Don’t Forget the People

Many consulting firms address your processes and technology – but only Focal Point can also improve your people. Focal Point Academy is on the cutting edge of cyber workforce development.
Featured Case Study

Evolving the Cyber Workforce

Focal Point recently had the privilege of helping a large retailer assess the sustainability and effectiveness of its workforce development program. This program is, to date, one of the most advanced we have seen in the industry.

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We provided onsite training to the team, reducing expenses.
We took training off senior management's plates.

Featured Insights

The latest research, guidance, and trends from our team of cyber workforce development experts.
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