IT Organization Assessment

Strengthen your IT team and equip them with the skills, resources, and tools they need to better protect your organization.
Assessing Your Team

Assessing your IT Team

Focal Point’s IT organization assessment uses industry benchmarks to assess your IT department and the suitability of staffing levels, skills, and the balance of workforce to workload by IT tier. In addition, we evaluate your IT training programs, IT management structure, and compensation levels to ensure your organization is achieving maximum efficiency, employee satisfaction, and employee retention.

Our Approach

Through interviews, observation, and documentation reviews, Focal Point helps you evaluate the current posture of your IT team.

Phase 1

Through interviews with team leadership and key team members, we evaluate the appropriateness of the current IT security organizational structure to ensure appropriate separation of duties.

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Team evaluation
  • Separation of duties

Phase 2

During Phase two, Focal Point works with our team to gain a better understanding of the current training programs and workload planning processes in place for your IT security team.

  • Training assessment
  • Workload planning
  • Team development

Phase 3

Next we review your job descriptions and requirements to identify any gaps between the needs of the organization and the existing team skillset.

  • Job descriptions
  • Skills gaps
  • Team evaluation

Phase 4

We provide your team with a comprehensive report that describes your IT team’s current posture, issues within your IT management structure and programs, and opportunities to expand the skills of your team.

  • Team posture
  • Structure issues
  • Opportunities for improvement
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