Cyber Analyst Bootcamp

Jumpstart your cybersecurity career by building the foundational skills you need to identify security threats, determine their scope, and report and mitigate accordingly.

Develop the Security Skills Employers Want

Whether you're just embarking on your cybersecurity journey, making a career transition, or looking to add new skills to your arsenal, Focal Point's Cyber Threat Analyst Bootcamp can help you build skills you can immediately apply.

Experience the Cyber Threat Analyst Bootcamp

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Start this bootcamp as a novice and graduate as a skilled cybersecurity professional.
Cyber Analyst Bootcamp 2
Gain real-world, hands-on lab experience with an expert instructor by your side.
Cyber Analyst Bootcamp 3
There are 3.5 million open cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. Build the cutting-edge knowledge and capabilities employers are seeking.
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The average Cyber Threat Analyst earns an average salary of $89,000. Prepare for a career with infinite growth opportunities.
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12 weeks
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Next Start Date

January 3, 2022

Why Students Choose Focal Point

DevSecOps Services 6

John Doe

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DevSecOps Services 7

Jackeline Perkins

Innovation Officer @PwC
Innovation Officer @PwC
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Bob Green

President of IT @Cloud Security inc
President of IT @Cloud Security inc
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Cyber Threat Analyst Bootcamp Curriculum

Our course curriculum, labs, and capstone exercises expose you to cutting-edge technologies and techniques, equipping you for real-world scenarios.

Computer Foundations

The bootcamp kicks off with focused sessions on basic computer architecture, computer networking, code execution, regular expressions, and Python and PowerShell foundations.

01 Storage and I/O Devices
02 Switching and Routing
03 Scripting Principles

Security Foundations

Next, our instructors move into cybersecurity basics. This module focuses on key outcomes (e.g., goals, metrics), tools and resources, cloud security and zero trust strategy, and threat intelligence.

01 Measures of Success
02 SIEM Platforms
03 How to use Threat Intel

Detection and Monitoring

In this module, students explore key monitoring models, networking security monitoring, endpoint monitoring, and dashboards and event correlation.

01 Continuous Monitoring
02 Firewalls and IDS/IPS
03 Building a Dashboard

Investigation and Response

In the second half of this bootcamp, students study investigation and response techniques. This section covers live host forensics, network forensics, malware triage, and containment, mitigation, and eradication strategies.

01 Capturing Traffic
02 Tools of the Trade
03 Host Hardening/Patching

Reporting and Information Sharing

This portion of the bootcamp walks through one of the most important skills an analyst needs: reporting. This section covers reporting formats and uses and best practices for information sharing.

01 Technical Reporting
02 Business Impact Reporting
03 The Benefits of Sharing

Career Development

The bootcamp closes with sessions that focus on soft skills and strategies that will aid students as they seek a job in the cybersecurity field. Modules include job hunting strategies, communication skills, critical thinking and logic, and deductive reasoning.

01 Communication
02 Resume Writing
03 Interview Skills

Upcoming Sessions

January 3, 2022


April 4, 2022


July 8, 2022


Tuition Expand All

  • Paid at the time of enrollment   $11,900
  • Total cost $11,900

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Learn from Experienced Practitioners

Our instructors are trusted by leaders from the government and Fortune 500 for their expertise and teaching style. All our instructors have worked in various roles as cybersecurity practitioners, equipping them with unique insight into the challenges, technology, and attack scenarios faced by professionals in the field.

Cyber Analyst Bootcamp 6

Rachel Rados

Endpoint Live Forensics

Rachel is an Instructor at Focal Point Academy, specializing in Endpoint Live Forensics. Her teaching style is best described as consistent, concise, and empowering. Rachel's courses are designed to be very hands-on, building a strong understanding of key topics so they can be applied directly in daily work. Learn more about how Rachel got her start in cybersecurity and her top tips for building a career in cybersecurity.

Cyber Analyst Bootcamp 7

Paul "Sal" Salcido

Operating Systems, Networking, and Malware

Sal is an instructor on the Operating Systems, Networking and Malware tracks. He has been a member of the Focal Point Academy team since March of 2016, and he brings us more than a decade of experience as an instructor in various facets of Cyber Security, including Computer Hardware Architecture, OS theory, and OS Internals for Linux, Unix and Windows. Sal has held several industry certifications, GIAC-GSEC, MCP and Network+ among them. He is an alumnus of the University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, where he studied Instructional Systems design, and is a former U.S. Navy Cryptologic Technician.

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Admission Process

The Cyber Threat Analyst bootcamp is designed for beginners and no experience is required - just a logical reasoning test and brief interview to get started.


Complete a short application describing your current role, job status, career goals, preferred dates, and funding sources.

  • Fill out application
  • Select preferred dates
  • Should take 30 minutes


Take a logic-based test and share a little bit about your past job history, skills, and technology experience.

  • Logical-reasoning assessment
  • Desktop recommended
  • 30-45 minutes


The Focal Point team reviews your application, assessment results, and dates and provides an entrance decision.

  • Review by panel
  • Dates and funding considered
  • Takes 5-7 days for final decision
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