HIPAA Compliance

As healthcare operations and technologies evolve, your HIPAA compliance program must adapt.
Aligning with HIPAA

Aligning with HIPAA

The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules apply to any organization that manages protected health information (PHI). Third-party validation of your HIPAA compliance is an important step in safeguarding your patients’ data and protecting your organization from a potential data breach. Focal Point’s team of privacy, security, and legal experts have helped dozens of healthcare and technology organizations achieve and maintain compliance with the HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus mandates.

Our HIPAA Services

Focal Point provides HIPAA support to companies across the country, including some of the top healthcare providers, technology companies, and insurance providers.

Policies and Procedures Development

Focal Point can help you develop, formalize, and/or re-evaluate your HIPAA/HITECH policies and procedures to ensure they are meeting the needs of the organization.  

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01 Develop Policies
02 Formalize Procedures
03 Assess Program

HIPAA Security

We provide cybersecurity services to ensure that PHI is secure from inappropriate access or disclosure.  Our testing and assessment services include cybersecurity assessments, pen testing, IT risk assessments, and more. 

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01 Strategy Assessments
02 Pen Testing
03 IT Risk Assessments

Pre- and Post-Implementation HIPAA Audit

Focal Point can determine if your almost-ready application meets HIPAA compliance requirements and help you prepare for go-live. We can also audit a new system to help improve controls and ensure compliance.

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01 Pre-Implementation Audit
02 Post-Implementation Audit
03 Remediation Support

PHI Breach Notification

Focal Point can create incident response procedures and post-breach workflows to guide your organization through the required steps to ensure compliance with HIPAA, HITECH Act, and other applicable regulations. 

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01 Policy Creation
02 Workflow Development
03 Tabletop Exercises

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing privacy risk.

Cybersecurity Capabilities

Focal Point has a robust cybersecurity practice with extensive experience performing vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, web application security testing, and IT risk assessments.  

Streamlined Audits

Our methodology is designed to make compliance painless. Our suite of risk analysis, gap analysis, pen testing, and policy services provide a single solution while minimizing impact on your business.

Legal Expertise*

Many of our privacy experts have joined us from leading privacy law firms. Their legal knowledge allows us to quickly interpret regulatory standards and provide valuable guidance to our clients. 
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*Focal Point is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.