CPRA Compliance

The California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 strengthens and clarifies the requirements of the CCPA. Accelerate your CPRA preparedness journey so you can confidently demonstrate compliance in 2023.
CPRA Compliance 1

CPRA Compliance Simplified

The CPRA was passed by voters in November 2020, creating expanded rights for California residents and new compliance obligations for businesses. When the law takes effect on January 1, 2023, the CCPA will be incorporated into the CPRA. Our team of leading experts have helped streamline the CCPA compliance efforts for dozens of Fortune 500 organizations and can build on your existing privacy program to help you comply with this new regulation. With Focal Point, you can take charge of your compliance journey and develop a program that can scale with any future changes.

Our CPRA Services

Focal Point has designed a suite of CPRA readiness services that will help your organization meet the new requirements of this regulation, support you in your compliance efforts, and evolve your program with your organization.

Readiness Assessment

A readiness assessment evaluates your current privacy program to identify your current alignment with the CPRA. Our review maps your current state against the CPRA's requirements and provides a detailed roadmap to compliance.

01 Current State Evaluation
02 Compliance Posture
03 Compliance Roadmap

Advisory Services

Our experts aid your team in designing a tailored CPRA framework and executing your roadmap to compliance. We help you through every step of the implementation process, so you can be confident in your program.

01 CPRA Framework
02 Roadmap Execution
03 Expert Support

Ongoing Support

Once your CPRA program is fully implemented, our team can provide ongoing support, helping you monitor the performance of your compliance program, stay current with amendments, and implement new requirements.

01 Ongoing Support
02 Compliance Updates
03 Regulation Monitoring

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing privacy risk.

At the Forefront

From Day 1, Focal Point led the charge to interpret and operationalize the requirements of the CPRA. We haven't slowed down since, and our clients benefit from this consistent, up-to-date guidance.

Integrated Approach

The CPRA goes beyond your privacy program, impacting cybersecurity operations, vendors, and more. We have third-party risk, cyber, and identity experts to help ensure your whole business is compliant.

Versatile Expertise

Our team includes GDPR and CCPA experts who have helped companies build best-in-class privacy programs. They leverage this expertise on our CPRA projects to streamline overlapping processes whenever possible.