Application Security

Using a hybrid approach of automated and manual analysis, our team performs a comprehensive test of the security controls protecting your application's exposed user interface. 
Secure Your Website

Secure Your Mobile Apps and Website

Your customers regularly use your website and mobile applications to engage with your company. This makes them an ideal target for attackers looking to access confidential customer data or harm your company’s reputation. Our assessments use the latest automated and manual testing techniques to detect vulnerabilities, and our actionable reports give you the vulnerability and remediation details you need to immediately begin addressing the most severe risks.

Our Approach

Focal Point's application security reviews use comprehensive automated analysis and targeted manual testing techniques to detect critical vulnerabilities.

Phase 1

Prior to testing, our team reviews the application to gain a better understanding of its scope and architecture. This includes discovering hidden and exposed content and identifying publicly available information that will aid in testing.

  • Application review
  • Content discovery
  • Reconnaissance

Phase 2

In Phase 2, our team uses carefully configured and monitored automated tools to perform an initial test of the security controls in place to protect the application. Automated analysis allows our team to cover the most ground during this initial phase.

  • Automated testing
  • Controls analysis

Phase 3

Next, our team deploys manual testing methods to validate the results uncovered during automated analysis. This phase evaluates the “real-world” impact of discovered vulnerabilities through a series of proof-of-concept demonstrations.

  • Manual testing
  • Results validation
  • Impact evaluation

Phase 4

At the close of the engagement, our team provides you with a detailed report that covers testing methods, identified vulnerabilities (e.g., input injection, improper session management, etc.), and a plan for remediating these issues.

  • Analysis report
  • Identified issues
  • Remediation plan

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing cyber risk.


Focal Point is a certified PCI QSA/ASV and many of our team members are also QSAs. Our PCI expertise allows us to help you ensure your web and mobile applications meet the security requirements of this standard.

In the Field

Our team is in the field daily researching new testing techniques and identifying changing threats. They bring this experience to your projects, uncovering even the most complex threats.

Remediation Plans

Our team doesn't just hand you a list of vulnerabilities and walk away. We always provide comprehensive, prioritized remediation plans, and can even support you through the most complex remediation efforts.
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