Remote Access Security

From employees to third parties to customers, providing remote access to large user populations has become the norm for many organizations. But how do you do scale your remote access program while maintaining security?
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Securing Your Remote Workforce

Covid-19 sent the global workforce remote, but has it fundamentally changed the future of work? Early research suggests it has. In fact, Gartner polling of business leaders suggest that close to 75% plan to shift some remote employees to remote work permanently.  This has serious implications for security, risk, and compliance. Notably, organizations are now providing remote access to critical systems and data to third parties and customers on a scale never before seen. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies and tools that can help you build smart, secure remote access programs that scale with organizational changes.

Remote Access Solutions

Remote access isn't just about data risk - it's also about enablement. Focal Point can help you design a program that allows your workforce to do their jobs seamlessly and securely.

IAM Services

Focal Point can help you assess your current IAM program and identify opportunities to scale your program to meet the needs of your expanding remote workforce. From strategy to solution design to implementation, our team can help you secure the identities of your employees, third parties, and customers.

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Privileged Remote Access

Focal Point's Privileged Remote Access (PRA) tool provides a streamlined self-service portal for securely onboarding new users, including third parties and employees. The tool enables user remote registration, account claiming, and access (controlled by your security policy and enforcement).

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IT Strategy

Scaling your remote access program often requires rolling out or expanding tools like MFA and VPN. Implementing or scaling these tools can introduce new risks to your organization and present new operational challenges. Our team can help you build an implementation roadmap that clears those hurdles.

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Cloud Security

Cloud solutions are a core component of remote work. Assessing and testing your cloud security should be a key step in your remote access program. Our team offers a suite of cloud security services that can help you protect the data stored in these systems.

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Remote access can have a serious impact on your compliance programs. Focal Point's compliance experts can help you aligning your remote access policies, procedures, and tools with key regulations like the CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA.

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Core Differentiators

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to remote access management.

Our Solutions

We have partnered with the most innovative solutions in the industry, including SailPoint, Okta, CyberArk, Ping Identity, One Identity, and Oracle.

Our Expertise

Effectively managing access risk requires processes, technology, and people to work in harmony. Because of Focal Point's unique blend of capabilities, we are well positioned to help with all three.

Our Experience

Many Fortune 500 companies trust Focal Point to manage their remote access program. We've built programs that scale, reduce costs, and enable teams to work seamlessly and securely.