Cyber Workforce Development Programs

With a growing workforce shortage, finding cyber talent is a challenge for security leaders. Instead of hiring your way out of the problem, build a program that develops new skills and elevates new people.
Building a Cyber Workforce Program

Building Your Program

A lack of skilled, in-house resources is one of the biggest challenges facing many CISOs. It’s a problem that’s fueled by today’s shortage of cybersecurity resources and compounded by staggering employee turnover rates, wage inflation, and skyrocketing industry demand. But a sustainable cybersecurity team is not out of reach. Focal Point Academy has built a unique model for defining, evaluating, building, and validating cybersecurity teams that deliver immediate security improvements and long-term workforce resiliency.

Cyber Workforce Development Services

World-class security teams, including many from the Fortune 500 and U.S. Department of Defense, work with us because we deliver tailored programs that drive measurable improvement and keep employees engaged and committed to your company. 

Role Identification & Skills Definition

Focal Point evaluates your security program and outlines the tasks your team must complete to protect your key assets. We then group tasks into job roles and map each role to the specific set of knowledge and skills needed to complete the tasks.

01 Team Evaluation
02 Role Identification
03 Skills Defintion

Cyber Workforce Assessment

During the assessment, we examine the existing skills of the team and how well the team functions. This gives a clear operational picture of the team’s current response capabilities and identifies areas that need growth.

01 Skills Evaluation
02 Team Assessment
03 Growth Areas

Baseline Skills Inventory

Our baselining exercise puts your professionals through a learning track that establishes the foundation they need to build a successful security career and to protect your organization. This course is designed for professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including those outside of cybersecurity.

01 OS Security
02 Network Traffic Analysis
03 Malware Analysis

Plan Development

Focal Point helps you create a plan that addresses the gaps and expands your security capabilities. This plan molds your team into the cyber professionals your organization needs.

01 Team Posture
02 Team Training Plan
03 Individual Training Plan

Training & Skills Validation

Each employee goes through a learning plan that equips them with the capabilities they need to fill the skills gaps on your team and to advance in their careers. We can also lead team validation exercises that test your team's ability to work as a unit after completing their learning programs.

01 Individual Training
02 Skills Reporting
03 Team Validation

Featured Learning Tracks

Focal Point's workforce development programs put each member of your team on a path to success, equipping them to better protect your organization. The following sample learning tracks show where cyber workforce development can take your team.

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we are passionate about building stronger cybersecurity teams.

Reduce Costs

The cost of recruiting and hiring cybersecurity professionals can be astronomical. A workforce development program creates a robust talent pipeline without the upfront recruiting and onboarding costs. 

Improve Employee Retention

Unclear career paths often contribute to high rates of employee attrition. A well-structured development program gives your cyber talent a path to success within your organization.

Validate your Team

We build assessment exercises that require your team to solve problems together, validating their readiness to respond to real-world threats and incidents.