Privileged Remote Access

65% of breaches can be traced back to a third party. Focal Point's Privileged Remote Access tool elevates your control over third-party access, dramatically reducing the risk of a third-party compromise.

Managing Third-Party Access

Many third parties are granted access to your internal networks and systems, allowing them to remotely administer your operating systems, databases, or applications. But these vendors’ security processes and policies may not be up to your standards or they may not protect their privileged credentials. To help you build more secure vendor relationships, Focal Point’s Privileged Remote Access (PRA) solution leverages best-of-breed technology to help you manage vendor identities and privileged access.

Our Approach

In many third-party relationships, sensitive data is exchanged and access to internal networks is provided. Even though these activities occur outside the direct control of your cybersecurity team, you must still contend with onboarding and managing third-parties, restricting and monitoring privileged account access, and enforcing best practices. With this solution, your organization gains enhanced visibility, security, and control of third-party access. Check out our PRA product sheet to see our approach.

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing identity risk.

Be in Control

Our PRA solution provides you with a streamlined and enabled self-service portal for vendor-user registration, account claiming, and access, all controlled by your security policy and enforcement.

Unique Access

Focal Point's PRA tool allows you to provide your vendors and third-party users specific access, rather than a VPN.

Reduced Risk

By choosing a solution like Focal Point PRA, you are able to remove the risk of relying on business partners and vendor cybersecurity program maturity to protect your organization.

Technology Fluid

Focal Point’s Privileged Remote Access solution takes advantage of CyberArk’s PAM toolset, extending it to your vendors and third parties by integrating with your identity governance and authentication services. Our solution has been deployed in a variety of software environments, including those with:

Focal Point IAM Partners