Third Party Risk Management

Your business is only as secure as your weakest vendor. Securing a complex web of third parties is one of the greatest challenges facing modern business, and managing that risk requires strategy, technology, and innovation.
Third Party Risk Management 2

Rely on your Vendors Without Fear

Vendors aren’t new. But the ways they interact with your data, systems, and people have changed, and that requires rethinking your strategy for managing the risks that vendors pose. Focal Point is on the leading edge of third-party risk strategies, having developed innovative solutions for Fortune 500 customers that have reduced risk, saved money, and increased efficiency. Set up a free consultation today.

Managing Third-Party Risk

It's not about checking a box. It's about protecting your business. Focal Point offers support at every stage, from program development to supporting technology.

Program Design

Your third-party risk management program should be agile and tailored to your business. Focal Point can help select a framework, design risk profiles and questionnaires, and put your plan into action.

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01 Risk Assessment
02 Program Roadmap
03 Framework Design

Data Mapping

Knowing where your data lives is the first step in protecting it - and that's true even when your data is outside your walls. Map your data as it moves inside and outside your perimeter, and you'll be better able to protect it along the way.

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01 Repository Creation
02 Risk Analysis
03 Data Visualizations

Third-Party Risk Management Outsourcing

Onboarding new vendors and regularly re-assessing existing vendors is labor intensive and slows down procurement processes. For many companies, Focal Point acts as an outsourced provider of third-party risk management. We'll assess new and existing vendors on an ongoing basis and align them with your program.

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01 Eliminates Backlogs
02 Speeds Up Procurement
03 Reduces Cost

Vendor Access Controls

Your vendors need access to your systems, but that access poses tremendous risk. Focal Point's Privileged Remote Access solution leverages best-of-breed technology to help you manage vendor identities and privileged access.

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01 Enhanced Visibility
02 Improved Security
03 Better Control

Privacy Compliance

Better third-party control is a requirement of many new privacy laws, including the GDPR and CCPA. Focal Point can help you build a third-party risk management program that fits into your broader compliance initiatives, while also driving efficiencies in your business.

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01 Unified Compliance
02 Streamlined Reporting
03 Better Risk Management

Different From the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing third-party risk.

Cross-functional Approach

Effectively managing risk from third parties requires processes, technology, and people to work in harmony. Because of Focal Point's unique blend of capabilities, we are well positioned to help with all three.

Flexible Support Models

Focal Point can support a complete outsource of your program, provide temporary support to clear a backlog or handle a surge, or co-source a portion of your third-party risk assessments.

Proven Experience

Many Fortune 500 companies trust Focal Point to manage their third-party risks. We've built third-party programs that scale, reduce costs, and enable businesses to grow quickly with the help of their vendors.