IT Strategy

Ensure that your IT systems, processes, and people are aligned with your strategic business objectives.

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Focal Point will provide you with an expert evaluation of the critical areas of your IT program, helping you identify opportunities for improvement and reduced risk.

IT Governance Services

IT Governance and Risk Management

Focal Point’s IT governance and risk management services increase visibility into your IT environment, helping you identify critical risks and better protect your business. We have helped hundreds of organizations across the retail, finance, healthcare, technology, and education industries evaluate their IT risk and strengthen their IT security programs.

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Planning for Disaster Recovery

One of the largest dental benefits administrators in the United States engaged Focal Point to perform an initial business impact analysis and business continuity risk assessment to reduce business interruptions.

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In meeting recovery time objectives
We appointed a command chain for initiating business plans.
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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Services

Business interruptions range from small-scale IT failures to catastrophic natural disasters and manmade infrastructure failures. If a plan isn’t in place, these events can result in revenue loss, unplanned service downtimes, loss of consumer goodwill, damage to corporate image, and substantial rebuilding expenses. Focal Point’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) services reduce the impact of business disruptions and help you resume vital operations following an event.

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Featured Insights

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Equifax and Increasing Standards of Care for Cybersecurity

This court ruling by the FTC against Equifax is only the beginning of the increased “Standards of Care” required for an organization’s cybersecurity program. As more organizations fall victim to a data breach...
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Database Monitoring White Paper
White Paper

Configuring your Database Monitoring Solution

With guidance from leadership and system experts, organizations can configure their Database Monitoring Solutions (DMS) to monitor database activity, alerting the organization to any inappropriate activity...
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FTC Blog

Recent Breaches and FTC Settlements

Two unrelated web-based companies, i-Dressup and ClixSense, each failed to provide reasonable data security at their respective organizations, enabling hackers to steal personal information, including social...
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