Cyber Skills Development

Focal Point Academy builds cyber workforce development programs that solve your biggest problems: finding, training, and retaining enough skilled cyber professionals to fill your security team.

Build Your Cyber Workforce

The revolution is here.

We believe strongly in the concept of cyber workforce development: the process of defining, measuring, training, and testing your cybersecurity team, and building a long-term strategy to ensure that your team’s skills remain aligned with the threats facing your organization. This strategy allows you to:

  • Build a reliable talent pipeline
  • Create fulfilling career paths and improve employee retention
  • Reduce costs associated with recruiting
  • Validate your team, together as a team
  • Better secure your organization

End-to-End Cyber Workforce Support

Focal Point Academy is fortunate to serve some of the most innovative cybersecurity teams on the planet. From assessments to strategy to training, we are by your side as you build your own world-class team of cyber experts.

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we are passionate about building stronger cybersecurity teams.

Tailored Programs

We don't just sell training. We build top-to-bottom workforce development programs: identifying the skills on your team and those you need, and then developing and delivering a plan customized to your team.

Top Instructors

Our instructors deliver courses to top security teams within the Department of Defense and Fortune 500. Our instructors receive an average 4.9/5 rating for knowledge and delivery.

Measurable Results

Your team will be put through rigorous pre- and post-training assessments, including group validation exercises that test their ability to address real-world cyber challenges together.