ERP Services

Focal Point's experts can lead you through an ERP selection, integration, or optimization. Our solutions are designed to be compliant, efficient, and cost effective.
ERP Security

ERP Security

Complex and ineffective ERP security designs can be costly to manage and administer. An inefficient security design can lead to excessive SoD violations, noncompliance with regulatory requirements, challenges with provisioning the appropriate access, and ongoing maintenance concerns. Focal Point has developed a methodology to design and implement effective ERP security programs that address sustainability, compliance considerations, and operational effectiveness.

Our Services

SoD Remediation

To help clients identify and remediate SoD violations, the Focal Point ERP Advisory team has developed an analysis methodology that resolves SoD violations, corrects role design flaws, and reduces the cost of compliance. 

01 Independent Assessment
02 Tailored Recommendations
03 Increased Security

GRC Integration

Focal Point specializes in GRC integrations within SAP and Oracle systems. We also help design holistic GRC programs that meet the needs of your business, IT, and compliance teams.

01 System Evaluation
02 System Selection
03 GRC Assessment

Security/Controls Audit

Focal Point can assist with all aspects of the organization’s documentation and on-going testing, including: IT General Controls, Application Controls, and Separation of Duties (SoD) Testing.

01 Audit-Ready Documentation
02 Expert Assessment
03 Reduced Risk

Role Design

Our approach allows companies to gain greater visibility into pain points within the existing design and gain an understanding of how their security posture aligns to comparable organizations.

01 Recommendations
02 Risk Remediation
03 Expert Assessment

Pre-Implementation Audits

Focal Point offers pre-implementation reviews for all major ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle. We also offer similar post-implementation audits following a system deployment.

01 Improved Processes
02 Access Provisioning
03 Peace of Mind

SAP Managed Services

Focal Point can help fill internal skills gaps to help you handle the peaks and valleys of SAP administration. This service helps ensure security and audit-readiness by providing the right resources when needed.

01 ABAP Security
02 GRC
03 ITGC Audit Support

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing cyber risk.

Proprietary Methodologies

We have honed our ERP security and audit methodologies for over a decade, building streamlined analysis processes that quickly pinpoint issues and provide practical steps to remediation.

SAP Expertise

We specialize in the SAP GRC application and have helped large, global organizations integrate this system and maximize its value to the organization.

Independent Perspective

During a system implementation, an outside perspective is critical. Focal Point brings years of industry experience and an independent view of your ERP security posture.