Privacy Gap Analysis and Remediation

In a world of fast-paced regulatory change and skyrocketing fines, there's little room for gaps in your compliance program. Aligning with laws like the GDPR and CCPA is the first step to building a stronger privacy program.
The Road to Compliance

The Road to Compliance

Many organizations are scrambling to keep up with the pace of organizational and technological change – just finding the time and expertise to interpret each new law and industry standard can be challenging. But Focal Point has helped many organizations overcome these obstacles using innovative solutions that optimize existing privacy programs, identify gaps, and build future-proof strategies for long-term compliance. With deadlines for many regulations fast approaching, addressing gaps quickly is critical.

Our Approach

Our assessments seek to determine what, how, where and why sensitive data is being stored and collected – and compare the effectiveness of your privacy controls against compliance mandates and industry best practices.

Phase 1

The Focal Point team works with you to build a project plan that meets your timetable and team needs. You’re assigned a dedicated project manager who will oversee day-to-day activities and ensure your project stays on track.

  • Project strategy
  • Project manager
  • Communication plan

Phase 2

Our team begins conducting interviews and process/policy reviews with members of your team, working to better understand your privacy program and the compliance initiatives underway. Interviews with other stakeholders in areas like cybersecurity, HR, and marketing may be conducted as well.

  • Team interviews
  • Policy reviews
  • Gap identification

Phase 3

Following interviews and reviews, our team begins to design a tailored roadmap to compliance, which pinpoints any gaps in compliance. Gaps are prioritized so you can easily determine where to start your remediation efforts.

  • Final report
  • Roadmap design
  • Gap prioritization

Phase 4

As needed, our team is available to provide ongoing remediation support, working alongside your team to align people, processes, and technologies with the requirements of key regulations.

  • Gap remediation
  • Policy design
  • Process implementation

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing privacy risk.

Versatile Expertise

Our privacy experts have worked with all major U.S. and international privacy regulations, which allows them to align your privacy program to multiple regulations and standards simultaneously.

Seamless Approach

We have helped hundreds of organizations build stronger privacy programs. Drawing on this experience, we can help streamline processes, harmonize compliance requirements, and speed up timelines.

Expert Support

Our team goes beyond the gap analysis. After designing your roadmap, our experts can support each step of remediation, from redesigning processes to raising privacy awareness across the organization.