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Enable your organization to innovate freely and grow quickly by building a comprehensive cyber strategy that balances enterprise security with your organization's risk appetite.

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For nearly 15 years, Focal Point has helped hundreds of organizations build smart, sustainable, and integrated security programs.

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PCI Compliance

Achieving compliance with the PCI DSS is a critical step in protecting data, increasing consumer confidence, and enabling your business to scale. As a certified PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), Focal Point has helped hundreds of organizations build secure and compliant payment solutions.

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Uncovering Network Gaps

One of the world’s leading global call centers engaged Focal Point for a PCI risk assessment and compliance roadmap. The Call Center was being acquired and needed an experienced advisor to help them understand the gaps in their current program.

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In annual PCI compliance fees.
Reduced timeline for future PCI audits.
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Cyber Strategy Assessment
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Cyber Strategy Assessment

Focal Point has helped Fortune 500 companies in all verticals build best-in-class cybersecurity programs through our cyber strategy assessment services. By identifying critical issues and mapping them to opportunities for improvement, Focal Point’s provides you with a clear roadmap to the security program your organization needs.

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Privileged Account Onboarding

The success of your PAM solution implementation isn’t solely reliant on the PAM provider you choose, but also on how your organization defines and views PAM. Regardless of which PAM platform(s) your...
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SecOps Under Crisis

Gary McIntyre, our Managing Director of Cyber Defense and one of the world's top SOC experts, discusses strategies for maintaining security operations during periods of crisis. With experience supporting many...
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Cyber Workforce Development HPE Interview

An Interview with HPE’s Drew Simonis: Cyber Workforce Development

This is the first episode in Focal Point’s Practitioner Interview Series, in which Focal Point experts sit down with real-world security leaders to discuss strategies for overcoming common security challenges...
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