Non-profits work hard to incite important change at the local, state, national, and industry levels. With so much at stake, non-profits need to secure their data and protect their assets.
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Securing the Future

Depending on the organization, non-profits can have access to tremendous amounts of data, including electronic patient information, financial and cardholder data, and personally identifiable member and volunteer information. Focal Point is a trusted partner for various non-profit groups, performing a wide range of risk management and cybersecurity services that allow them to focus on making a difference.

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Our Services

We offer a number of services to help these organizations address their risk management challenges.

Privacy Assessment and Planning

Many non-profits manage the personal information of members, volunteers, and those in their communities. Focal Point can evaluate and design the privacy processes and policies that govern this data.

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01 Gap Analysis
02 Roadmap Development
03 Ongoing Support

Identity Governance

National and international non-profits rely on key systems to operationalize outreach, manage programs, and store member data. Focal Point can help you secure access to these critical systems.

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01 System Implementation
02 Privileged Remote Access
03 Managed Services

IT Risk Assessments

With more technology in play, non-profits need to establish new measures to manage IT risk. Focal Point can help you identify and prioritize IT risk and develop a plan to address it.

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01 Expert Assessment
02 Roadmap Development
03 Remediation Support

Digital Transformation

Many non-profits are moving more traditional, outdated processes to new technologies, which often comes with significant growing pains. Focal Point can help you manage a seamless integration.

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01 Data Quality Assessment
02 Cloud Transformation
03 GRC Technology

Regulatory Compliance

Depending on the industry, non-profits may be in scope for a host of security and privacy regulations. Focal Point helps non-profits build compliance programs that streamline compliance with laws like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and the CCPA.

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01 CCPA Compliance
02 HIPAA Gap Analyses
03 PCI QSA Services

Penetration Testing

Many large non-profits manage important research, regional data, and personal information, and their cyber defenses must be cutting edge. Focal Point's pen testing services help you test and strengthen your defenses.

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01 Network Security
02 Application Security
03 Social Engineering
Featured Case Study

Protecting Sensitive Data

The Chief Information Officer of one of the largest public school districts in the United States requested a strategic cybersecurity assessment to gain a better understanding of the existing IT security program.

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In licensing costs.
Roadmap to enhance their cybersecurity strategy.

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing data risk.

Simplified Onboarding

We make it easy to be a client, as all firms should (but don’t). Initial onboarding is simple, fast, and transparent, allowing us to quickly ramp up and support time-sensitive initiatives.

Data Focus

Unlike other firms, Focal Point takes a data-first approach to risk management. This helps avoid blind spots and ensure that your most important assets are always secure.

On-Shore Resources

Focal Point never offshores work. From cybersecurity to data privacy to IAM, your project team is U.S.-based, and your project manager is always a phone call away.