Social Engineering

Focal Point offers both physical and electronic social engineering to test the human elements of your security program, evaluating the real-world security of your physical systems and employees.
Electronic Social Engineering

Electronic Social Engineering

An electronic social engineering assessment tests the security awareness of your employees by enticing them to provide access to sensitive information or company resources. Social engineering identifies critical risk factors through different communication scenarios, including email and phone interactions. Our final report provides an outline of your overall security awareness, as well as a detailed technical report including all specific vulnerabilities, severity of exploits, and suggested remediation efforts.

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing cyber risk.

Customized Assessment

We don't choose our social engineering strategies from a set list. Our team tailors our approach to your needs, industry, and unique threat landscape to really put your team to the test.

On the Field

Our team is in the field daily researching new testing techniques and identifying changing threats. They bring this experience to your projects, uncovering even the most hard-to-detect vulnerabilities.

Best of Both Worlds

Our team members are equally skilled at physical and electronic social engineering tactics. If needed, they can provide a hybrid assessment, providing a more complete picture of your security posture.
Physical Social Engineering

Physical Breach Assessment

Physical security is your first line of defense against malicious actors, including disgruntled employees and those engaged in corporate espionage. Our team surveys your physical location, gathering open source intelligence that can be used to profile the target. We then attempt to identify physical vulnerabilities through lock picking, media drops, impersonation, and other control exploits. Our final report provides complete visibility into your physical security, with risk ratings for each vulnerability.