Privacy Office Services

Bolster your staff without the hassle of hiring. We can extend your bandwidth quickly, developing new policies, redesigning processes, and managing the labor-intensive functions of your privacy program.
Expert Support

Expert Support for Your Team

Maintaining a fully staffed privacy office is often inefficient and expensive, and shifting regulations make the challenge even greater. To help you relieve the strain on your team, Focal Point can serve as an extension of your privacy office, performing services that require an independent perspective, technical expertise, or additional resources. Regardless of the project, our objective is to add value by providing unparalleled expertise, proven approaches, and sustainable privacy solutions.

Privacy Office Capabilities

Focal Point's library of templates and best practices – developed through our work with global companies across all industries – can be leveraged to jump start or enhance an existing privacy program. 

Risk Assessments

To give you a clear view of your privacy ecosystem, we provide independent privacy risk assessments that assess the lifecycle of your sensitive data and evaluate the effectiveness of your controls.  

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01 Independent Assessment
02 Control Evaluation
03 Program Insight

Policy Development

Effective policies and procedures are your first line of defense against data loss. We can help build national and global privacy policies and procedures, ensuring they align with industry standards and key regulations.

01 Effective Policies
02 Efficient Processes
03 Global Compliance

Breach Notification

If your sensitive data is compromised, failure to respond appropriately can lead to fines and reputation damage. Focal Point has the real-world experience to ensure you are prepared for all possible scenarios.

01 Process Development
02 Compliant Policies
03 Tabletop Exercises

Data Transfers

Your organization faces a complex web of regulations governing the flow of data across borders. We regularly help companies assess and establish compliance with these regulations and minimize the risk of penalties.

01 Independent Assessment
02 Compliance Roadmap
03 Contract Evaluation

Privacy Staff Support

Focal Point can provide director, manager, or staff-level support for privacy projects, surge support, or process redesigns.

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01 Policy Development
02 Compliance Support
03 Training Campaigns

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing privacy risk.

Research Team

Our team is constantly monitoring and interpreting privacy laws and standards. We provide updates to our clients on relevant changes, potential business impacts, and strategies for adapting.

Industry Knowledge

Our team supports the privacy offices of organizations large and small. We provide an independent perspective of what works at peer organizations, which we can tailor and apply to your privacy program.

Support When You Need It

We have flexible, client-first contracts that give you the freedom to move quickly. We provide you with a bucket of hours that you can draw from when you need expert resources the most.